Andrea Luppi

PhD student supervised by Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis University of Cambridge


Mapping a landscape of consciousness in the dynamics of the human brain

Talk date & time:
Sunday, 9:30am


How do the structure and function of the human brain jointly support conscious experience? A powerful approach to address this question is to identify changes in brain function that are common across different changes in conscious state. This talk will show how mapping a wide spectrum of consciousness onto the spatiotemporal dynamics of brain function reveals a generalisable signature of unconsciousness - from anaesthesia to disorders of consciousness. Its mirror-reversed image characterises the altered state of consciousness induced by ketamine or LSD, identifying meaningful relationships between brain structure, function, and conscious experience.


Andrea Luppi studied philosophy, cognitive science and neuroscience at Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge, where he is currently completing a PhD in Clinical Neuroscience at the Division of Anaesthesia. His work characterises how the capacity for cognition and consciousness arises from the complex interplay of brain structure and function. To this end, he combines multimodal neuroimaging across a variety of states of altered consciousness – such as disorders of consciousness, anaesthesia and psychedelics.