David Dupuis

PhD, social anthropologist & clinical psychologist, Quai Branly Museum (Paris) Research Fellow


Can psychedelics really change the world? Toward psychedelics technologies

Talk date & time:
Saturday 15:30-16:30


Without denying the fact that psychedelics have their own effects embodied in their neuro-pharmacological properties, the psychedelic experience remains strongly shaped by the norms and values of the social groups of those who use them. Rather than opting for a seductive but angelic approach – seeing psychedelics as substances capable of “healing the world” – or a repressive approach based on the fear of seeing these substances become tools for “brain washing”, we must recognize what makes these substances unique among the large family of psychotropic drugs: their great sensitivity to extraphamarcological factors. I would explore in this talk the ethical, political and clinical issues of this remarkable property of hallucinogens in the context of the globalization of the use of these substances and the renaissance of the psychedelic research.


David Dupuis (PhD) is a Social Anthropologist and a Clinical Psychologist, currently being Quai Branly Museum (Paris) Research Fellow. Based on fieldworks conducted in Latin America and Europe over the past decade, his work focuses on contemporary recharacterizations of psychedelic substances uses and, more broadly, on the comparative study of relationships between hallucinations and culture.