Dr. med. Gasser Peter & Dr. med. Anke Röskamp

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist in private practice

Working as a couple in psychedelic therapy


For several years now, we work together as a married couple as cotherapists in psychedelic group workshops and in supervision. We know of other couples in different regions that work together sometimes even for a very long time. We learned about successful collaborations for decades as well as about difficulties, challenges and severe transgressions. What are the ethical considerations and concerns for that model? We wonder, if this couple collaboration might be especially often in psychedelic work or a more general phenomenon to be understood and discussed.


We are both born in1960, married since 1994, two children in common. MD's for psychiatry and psychotherapy, working in a group practice in Solothurn, Switzerland. Peter is trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy methods as well as in psychedelic therapy. Anke is trained in systemic and couple therapy. We are both member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy (SÄPT) since the early 1990s. We are in a peer supervision (intervision) group with mainly couples as participants since 25 years.