Françoise Bourzat

MA in Somatic Psychology from New College of California, trained in the Hakomi Method by the Hakomi Institute of California, adjunct faculty in the East West Psychology Program at CIIS


Consciousness Medicine; a vision for the future of humanity

Talk date & time:
Saturday 17:00-18:00


The current conversation on consciousness, psychedelics, and psychology is in the stage of reaching broadly into our society.

The challenge is to integrate theories about human potential and direct experiences of expanded states of consciousness.

Consciousness medicine aims at addressing not only the need of healing individuals by resolving past trauma and psychological wounds resulting in depression, anxiety, addiction, but also to support human growth through expansion of consciousness.

Consciousness medicine weaves skills and techniques from indigenous traditions and Western Psychology to create a solid framework for these experiences of expanded states, thus bringing a new hope of solidarity and ecological balance for a better future of humanity on this planet.


Françoise Bourzat is a counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area. In collaboration with a lineage of healers in Mexico, she has practiced and guided ceremonies with sacred mushrooms for the last 30 years.

Françoise co-founded the Center for Consciousness Medicine, an organization training psychedelic guides in the USA and in Jamaica, and is the author of the book entitled Consciousness Medicine: Indigenous Wisdom, Entheogens, and Expanded States of Consciousness for Healing and Growth.