Ilana Berlowitz

PhD, Post-Doc at Psychopharmacology Research group of Prof. M. Liechti
at University of Basel

Talk :

Transdisciplinary clinical research on Indigenous medicine traditions using psychoactives - the case of tobacco

Talk date & time :

Friday 15:00-16:00


Coming Soon


PhD in clinical and health psychology, currently working at the University of Bern (Inselspital, Psychopharmacology Lab) and the University of Zurich (Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Anatomy). She specializes in traditional/Indigenous uses of psychoactives and has conducted extensive field research and transdisciplinary collaborations in Latin America. She has raised competitive grants and was awarded the Inger-Salling Prize for outstanding accomplishments in Swiss psychiatry research. She currently leads innovative research on therapeutic applications of the tobacco plant as per Indigenous Amazonian medical knowledge