Julia Radzwill

Biologist, Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE)

Animal experiments – scientifically questionable in psychedelic research


Based on Vanja Palmer's commitment to the protection of animals and the peaceful, respectful coexistence of all living beings, it is his concern to highlight that research as well as the development and testing of new medical therapies is still largely based on animal testing. Even in research involving psychedelics, animal experiments are still used. In recent years, animal testing has been questioned more and more even among the scientific community. While these experiments are often widely ethically condemned, the scientific proofs concerning non-translatable results are lesser known. It is demonstrated why animal experiments are debatable in general and specifically with regard to therapeutic psychedelic substances and why human-based methods provide various advantages. 


Based in Cologne, Germany, Julia Radzwill started working for Doctors Against Animal Experiments (DAAE) as a part of the scientific research team in 2019. After studying biology and having worked in different companies and fields of work, she finally found a job that both combined profession and passion: the preparation of scientific publications in a well-understanding manner for public and politics and the support to protect animals.