Peter Gasser

DR. MD, Physician for psychiatry and psychotherapy, Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy, FMH


The psychedelic renaissance and thereafter

Talk date & time:
Saturday 10:30-11:30


Since the end of the last century the research with mind altering drugs started again after a long halt of about 30 years. In countries like the United States, Great Britain and Switzerland different research groups started scientific projects in phase 1 (effects in healthy volunteers) or phase 2 (safety and efficacy in diagnostic groups) drug research protocols.

The growing attention and presence in the media led to the highly symbolic labelling of the “Psychedelic Renaissance” after 2010. Today the acceptance and curiosity for these fascinating substances that can “change your mind” (like stated in the bestselling book of Michael Pollan) or “reveal your soul” (translation for “psychedelic”) or let you feel connected to the universe, has reached academic faculties and pharmaceutical companies.

This development contains possibilities and challenges. What do we have to face after the Psychedelic Renaissance? Psychedelic Humanism, Psychedelic Reformation or Psychedelic Conquest?


Dr. med., born 1960, married, three children. Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, working in his own practice in Solothurn, Switzerland. He was trained in psychodynamic methods as well as in psychedelic therapy. He has been a member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy (SAePT) since 1992 and its president since 1996.

After 2007, he conducted two studies on LSD-assisted therapy in patients with anxiety due to life-threatening illnesses. Since 2014, he has held individual licences from the Swiss Government Office for Public Health (BAG) for therapy with mind-altering substances.