Tadeusz Hawrot

Brain Health Advocate, Psychedelic Access and Research European Alliance (PAREA)

Building Trust and Ensuring Access: PAREA's Role in Advancing Psychedelic Policy in Europe


While research on psychedelics is flourishing in Europe, policy and regulation have lagged. To accelerate progress, Psychedelic Access and Research European Alliance was formed in 2022. PAREA is a membership-based alliance of key organizations essential for integrating psychedelic care into routine clinical practice. As such, we are building trust and securing engagement from the EU policy makers, scientific and clinical sectors, as well as patients.

Despite being a young organization, PAREA has already contributed to raising the profile of psychedelics. Earlier this year, the European Medicines Agency published a supportive commentary in The Lancet "The Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics: The European Regulatory Perspective," and later announced a multi-stakeholder workshop on psychedelics scheduled for April 2024. Additionally, the Action Group for the Medical Use of Psychedelics was formed in the European Parliament, and a recent report by the European Economic and Social Committee on mental health acknowledged the potential of psychedelic treatments.

Importantly, regulatory recognition and approval are just the start; the real challenge lies in ensuring equitable and timely access to these therapies. This session will also explore the EU access landscape for psychedelics, especially given the current momentum in EU mental health policy and ongoing pharmaceutical legislation reform.


Tadeusz is committed to advancing brain health and has spent over 15 years collaborating with European Union institutions. He's led policy and advocacy initiatives for organizations like the European Brain Council and the European Federation of Neurological Associations.

He's a strong believer in the power of partnerships, having helped establish European alliances such as the National Brain Councils and the Portuguese Societal Impact of Pain Platform.

His work isn't limited to Europe; he's also collaborated with global organizations like the WHO. He's been instrumental in the formation of the OneNeurology global partnership and has contributed to the WHO's global action plan on neurological conditions.

As the Founder and Executive Director of the Psychedelic Access and Research European Alliance (PAREA), Tadeusz is focused on creating meaningful change in Europe's healthcare landscape. He's passionate about tackling the pressing, unmet needs in mental health by exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.