Tehseen Noorani

PhD, Anthropologist

Durham University





Tehseen Noorani studies the co-evolving epistemics, therapeutics & economics of extreme experiences. He is an interdisciplinary social scientist, currently holding research positions in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Anthropology Department at Durham University in the UK. Over the past decade he has traced the renewed scientific and therapeutic interest in psychedelic experiences, exploring implications for theories of psychopathology and approaches to mental healthcare. 

Weaving together scientific, spiritual and aesthetic registers, his research is situated in the context of medicalisation in the global North and the ongoing 'war on drugs'. Tehseen also focuses on methodological issues that arise in the study of psychedelics, partly through convening the ‘Reimagining Psychedelic Trials’ interdisciplinary working group. He is part-time scholar-in-residence at Tactogen Public Benefit Corporation and an Ambassador to Fireside Project.