Vanja Palmers

Zen Monk, Research facilitator in psychedelic and meditation studies

Meditation and (Mind) Medicine


Meditation and (Mind) Medicines are two ways or technologies of investigating the mystery of life and consciousness. Both have their relative strengths and their weaknesses, and the combination of them seems to be a promising approach to the big question of "Who am I ?‘, …. though no answer to this question is intended in the talk… ;-).


Vanja Palmers was born in Austria and grew up in Switzerland. His career as a student at the University of Zürich and as the founder of a successful business start up came to a sudden halt when he ingested a few micrograms of a certain fungi derivative aka LSD. After a few years of being  a Hippie and a Yogi, he ended up becoming a Zen person, specializing in being nobody special, making effort towards effortless, traceless praxis….  with mediocre success - Felsentor and Puregg (two meditation centers) as well as some animal rights campaigns and institutions have materialized. 

Being grateful for being able to be part of the movement to bring psychedelics out of the demonized closet back into research, medical, recreational and spiritual contexts. Now in his mid-seventies, living on a little organic farm on Mt. Rigi in Central Switzerland, still wondering, curious, not knowing